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Anonymous said: so if i wanted to dress up as a native american, it would be insulting? what if i don't mean it that way and i actually appreciate the culture?








Why risk the assumption? There are tons of ways to respect a culture, dressing up like stereotypes is not one of them

as a native american person, i would ask you not. it’s flattering to appreciate the culture and i’m happy you can respect our culture as well, but there is strong meaning and so much importance behind the headdress and i personally hate when people wear them. I personally would never even think of wearing a headdress, because it is disrespectful to my elders and the fact is i am not a chief nor have i received the honour to wear one. so i really just ask that you please don’t :) 

This is kinda the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. People can do what ever the bullshark they wanna do…don’t make this anon feel shitty. They aren’t gonna wear it to make fun of the Native American people. America is all cultures mixed and just because you don’t look like/ or have any of that culture in yo doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate all cultures. I say go for whatever the hell you want that’s legal. And you’re not gonna get arrested for wearing something of a different culture than your own.

You two are the ones that are way to easily offended.

I wasn’t trying to make the anon feel like shit; i’m a nice person and i feel like i gave my personal opinion in a respectful way and politely asked that they don’t dress up in the stereotypes of my culture. there’s a difference between appreciating and appropriating, and i want to make that clear. Like i said, i appreciate that they respect my culture and i understand why they would want to dress up, headdresses are beautiful. It’s a matter of respect though, there is significance to that piece of clothing and you’re treating it like a costume. 

Because why not? People dress up like the English? You don’t see me over here freaking out. I respect your personal opinion but you don’t have to dress like the Native American so why worry ya feel me?

You realise we didn’t want to dress up like the English, we were forced to. My great-great-grandmother cried and screamed when white nuns and priests came onto the reservations we were forced to stay on and took her children from her because they said she was savage and dirty and they were merely giving these lesser children a chance to be shown what was right. They chopped off our braids because long hair was for girls, not grown men (and in my culture long hair is part of your spirit in a sense). We were physically, mentally and sexually abused by people who had stolen us from our families. We were taken to places where the only language spoken was english, and you were severely punished if you were caught even whispering in cree (the only language most of us knew in the plains). Did you know they even renamed first nations children? So that we would have proper Engligh names. There’s also proof that they were using aboriginal children forced into residential schools as medical test subjects and there have been mass graves found in BC; but the government still hasn’t released the archives about eveything that truly occured in residential schools. There was aboriginal genocide that is barely acknowledged and seldom discussed. So you have no reason to freak out, us dressing English wasn’t a choice, it was forced upon us. There have been lasting effects on my people and even my 34 year old uncle went to a residential school. Sorry if I tell people not to appropiate my culture, but so much has been taken from us and this is something I won’t let them take in order to have a “cool” costume for halloween and music festivals.

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"Landscape Series"

Artist: Michael Mckee

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Rooftop view in Dubrovnik / Croatia (by sphagnopsida).


Rooftop view in Dubrovnik / Croatia (by sphagnopsida).

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Vegan Shopping ListBananasGrapesStrawberriesBlueberriesApples and OrangesLemons and LimesGarlicGingerSilver Hills BreadChickpeasLentilsPastaAvocadosSpinachKaleRomaineBroccoliCauliflowerCarrotsOnionsGreen PeppersZucchiniTomatosTomato SauceGardein - veggie chicken, beef, fishField Roast - sausagesOlive OilSesame OilNutritional YeastNut Butters - peanut, almond, pumpkin, cashewRaw Nuts - cashews, pumpkin seeds, almondsHemp SeedsChia SeedsTofuVegenaise - veggie mayoDaiya CheeseRice - wild, brownQuinoaSo Delicious - yogurt and ice creamTVP - textured vegetable proteinSoy Curls - awesome in stir fry!Dandy Blend - healthy instant dandelion beverage that tastes like coffee!Dark ChocolateAlmond MilkCoconut WaterTeaGet your EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A F*CK TOTE BAG from Thug Kitchen
What’s on your vegan grocery list?


Vegan Shopping List

Apples and Oranges
Lemons and Limes
Silver Hills Bread
Green Peppers
Tomato Sauce
Gardein - veggie chicken, beef, fish
Field Roast - sausages
Olive Oil
Sesame Oil
Nutritional Yeast
Nut Butters - peanut, almond, pumpkin, cashew
Raw Nuts - cashews, pumpkin seeds, almonds
Hemp Seeds
Chia Seeds
Vegenaise - veggie mayo
Daiya Cheese
Rice - wild, brown
So Delicious - yogurt and ice cream
TVP - textured vegetable protein
Soy Curls - awesome in stir fry!
Dandy Blend - healthy instant dandelion beverage that tastes like coffee!
Dark Chocolate
Almond Milk
Coconut Water

Get your EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A F*CK TOTE BAG from Thug Kitchen

What’s on your vegan grocery list?

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Multnomah Falls - by: { Laura White }


Multnomah Falls - by: { Laura White }

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Alaska | by Louise Alban

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